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We perform many of the construction needs for any size project. Our experience, flexibility, commitment to excellence, along with the ability to skillfully perform many of the needs for your construction project, make it easier and requires less coordination among several different trades and fewer conflicts among the different subcontractors onsite. You can make one call instead of many to schedule the work to be done because we handle a larger part of the work to be done.
Roof Frame, Construction in Knoxville TN
We provide the labor, material and equipment required for a complete installation with highly qualified and experienced craftsmen. Our steel stud service includes interior and exterior structural and non structural framing, load bearing walls, all types of interior partitions along with mezzanines, floor systems and roof systems including the purchase and installation of light gauge steel trusses.
Construction Site, Construction in Knoxville TN
We also offer a complete drywall installation through the finishing process including texture finishes and also provide all types for exterior sheathing, cement board, high impact and abuse resistant sheetrock and also standard installation of mold and moisture resistant sheetrock at wet areas.
Paint Brush, Painting in Knoxville TN
As a completion to the project a polished and finished project we offer many painting services which include any size commercial or industrial project. We provide complete painting service which includes all interior and exterior required painting with experience in water proofing elastomerics, high performance coatings, epoxies, floor coatings and custom finishes. We also offer as a part of the painting service complete supply and installation of vinyl wall covering.
Ceiling, Commercial Interior in Knoxville TN
We provide a large range of acoustic ceilings supplied and installed including acoustical grid and tile, metal panel and wood and many other specialty ceilings.
Along with the primary services, we offer other services that are available when it is advantageous to use us where hiring another subcontractor is inconvenient or not cost effective:
  1. Insulation - Rigid and Overhead (in wall insulation included in pricing)
  2. Setting of door frames
  3. Acoustical wall panels
  4. GFRC columns along with specialty column covers
  5. Wood blocking and plywood along with other carpentry services available
  6. FRP Panels
  7. Demolition
  8. Access Panels
  9. Metal Decking